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WELCOME TO SHIVA KIDS WEAR Manufacturer & Supplier of trending Kids Wear

  • Shiva Kids Wear started its journey in the year 2003 by Mr. Pawan Kumar Modi at Gandhinagar, Delhi.
  • We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Hosiery and Textile garments like Baba suits, Indo-Western, Coat pant.
  • We aim to meet customers expectation by giving excellent quality products, timely delivery,transparency in our policies and total satisfaction towards our customer.
  • Shiva kids wear is one the best kids clothing manufacturer and distributor company across Pan India.

Innovative-Customer centric approach

For the cluster to thrive and be recognised, innovation is required.

The customer-centric approach assures that we react to our customers’ needs by paying attention to the tiniest details and taking proactive actions to provide better and more innovative things to their doorsteps. We constantly evaluate customers’ needs and requests and their quality and delivery standards to satisfy their ever-changing needs.

Quality Picked Sourcing

Quality Product Sourcing

You just need to know where your products are coming from for half the fight. High-quality fabrics and textiles may be obtained via our extensive sourcing network. Competitiveness in fast-growing markets such as India relies on our ability to provide high-quality goods and excellent customer service.

Streamlined Manufacturing Process

Distribution of Quality – Production

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and highly qualified labor, we can produce high-quality clothing at a low price. The product development team at Shivakids wear has a great deal of experience.

Large Customer Base & Counting

You’ve earned it, and I’m grateful for your confidence and support.

To keep up with our customers’ expectations, we have a vast and increasing customer base. Because of the support and encouragement of our customers and purchasers, we have grown into the company that we are today.

Social and Workers Welfare

As a result, “you’re worth it,” says the Shiva Kidswear.

One of the many ways Shiva Kidswear gives back to society is via its involvement in charitable causes. Shiva Kidswear, a company with a long history, is proud of its achievements and the people who have helped make them possible. Many of our original staff have stayed on board. As a result of their dedication, they’ve become an integral member of the Shiva Kidswear team. This family is always there for one other in good times and bad, and they rejoice together when things go their way.

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Entrepreneurial spirit seems to be Shiva Kidswear’s strong suit.